A Law School Professor Praises this Approach to the Health Care Case

Unlike the primary argument of the states' attorneys-general, Dr. Dickson's argument focuses attention where it belongs --- on fundamental moral principles. Rather than merely quibbling over the interpretation of a positivist division of powers among the governments of these United States, Dr. Dickson focuses a mathematical laser on the substantive injustice of the law which constitutes yet another attack on marriage, family and the youth.

Our elected leaders with their eye constantly on the next election and not the next generation enact laws to benefit influential voters that will be paid for by the disenfranchised later generations. It is pure self-interested politics. Give away today and get others who cannot vote to pay later.

Yet, this ploy violates the Natural Law. We have a duty to our progeny to pay for what we use and not burden them with debt falsely called insurance. They will have to bail out the healthcare system as a result. Since the Supreme Court legalized the murder of the next generation in their mother's wombs, there will be even fewer of them to bear this crushing debt burden. This law marks an economic phase of this inter-generational war. Regardless of the Supreme Court's decision in this case, Dr. Dickson's prophetic warning should at least be heard.

Brian M. McCall
Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma College of Law

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